Airalo is a marketplace allowing travellers access to eSIMs (digital SIM cards).
eSIMs work basically the same way as physical SIM cards.
The ”e” in eSIM stands for embedded, which means that it is embedded directly into your phone, rather than a physical SIM card that you have to switch in and out.

With eSIMs from Airalo, travellers can download and install a digital data pack for over 200 countries/regions and get connected anywhere in the world as soon as they land.

Prices for Airalo eSIMs vary on the location covered, data amounts, and validity periods. You can also buy top-up packages for your eSIM.
After you have chosen the best eSIM for your trip, Purchase the eSIM through the app.

The eSIM has many benefits which make it a convenient, flexible option for frequent, long-term travellers, and vacationers alike. From maintaining seamless connectivity abroad to retaining your phone number, an eSIM lets you simplify your travel logistics and stay focused on the adventure. Spend less time fiddling with hardware and more time having fun wherever you go– those are the advantages that an eSIM delivers.

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Aviasales is the leading metasearch company in Eastern Europe and Central Asia–allowing users to search for cheap air tickets. As a metasearch, Aviasales does not sell tickets but redirects users to airlines with cheap flight tickets and online travel agent websites.

Aviasales has developed a convenient form for searching for air tickets, it is enough to indicate the airport of departure and arrival, time, and number of passengers, and as a result, several dozen options will be selected. You can try to check prices in different directions, the system provides information for free.

It is recommended to start searching for tickets 1-2 months before departure.
During this time, many airlines offer low prices The same situation is observed 1-2 days before boarding the flight. In addition to the price, you need to study the requirements from companies–the maximum weight of hand luggage, checked luggage–Some require a fee for additional services.

Advantages of Aviasales
The service is designed to organize independent travel by private tourists, and companies, it has a clear interface and several options for filtering information. There is no additional fee to use it. This will allow you to plan a long-term independent trip without limiting the time you are in one place.

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Hotellook is a search engine for hotels, holiday apartments, resorts, and villas around the world. Based on your search, it shows listings from online booking sites. For each hotel, it will show you all available prices from different booking sites on a single page. This way you can compare rates, grab the best deals and save a lot of money on any hotel room anywhere in the world. Hotellook puls information from online booking sites and simply displays them in a neat way. It does not set the rates and will not directly book a room for you, nor see your credit card information. Your booking will only be handled by booking sites.

Advantages of Hotellook
Hotellook is the simplest way to compare hotels and prices across 80 leading hotel booking systems. Whether you are planning your future vacations or you’re stuck in an unfamiliar city–just press the ”Hotels near me” button and Hotellook will find you the best cheap Hotel.

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WayAway as an aggregator pulls together prices and details from all over the web to help you find the best deals on flights, hotels, and more.
To see what fares they can find you, simply plug in your intended destination, dates, and how many passengers are flying. From there, WayAway will give you all your options.
When you input a destination, you will be given the option to see a price chart that helps you find the cheapest date to travel.

By clicking details for any given flight, you can see what luggage is included and the amenities the airline offers. You will also be provided with information about seat pitch, width, and the typical seat arrangement for that flight.

If you’re a more spontaneous traveler , you can use their ” Explore the Map ” function to see where you can travel from any city.

WayAway does cover the entire world, Just put in your starting destination, and WayAway will pull up destinations that you can fly to for as little as $10!

WayAway Plus Membership

Anybody can use WayAway’s cheap flight finder, but you can only access their cashback scheme as a Plus Member.

For $ 49.9 a year, you will gain cashback on the bookings you make via WaAwy. Some of the rewards are as follows :
Up to 5% on flights
Up to 10% on hotels
Up to 5% on rental cars
Up to 6% on Viator tourer
Up to 8% on GetYour Guide Experiences.

When you book a flight or a hotel with a Plus membership, the website will tell you what cashback you will receive. You can then withdraw your cashback at any time into a Paypal account.
In addition to cashback, Plus Membership gives you the added benefit of having access to WayAway’s 24/7 customer service team, who can help you with any questions.
You will also have access to their Hidden Gems page.
Gems are tips and best-kept secrets that locals tell you about a city. This is a unique and extremely helpful feature.
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Advantages of WayAway

Whether you’re hoping to earn some cashback or explore the cheapest options, you should add WaAway to your travel resources.
Not only is WaAway straightforward to navigate, but it is super clear on what is included in the ticket and what options you have for your chosen route. WaAway shows you the details of a flight and also tells you the included amenities and seat details beyond a simple one-word description like ” economy ”.
The Plus Membership is worth exploring for some cashback perks, especially if you’re a frequent traveler. Every flight search will tell you exactly how much cashback you’re going to get, and the fact that you can withdraw via Paypal at any time makes the process smooth and easy.

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